About us

Design-studio "Voloshka"

The aim of design-studio “Voloshka” is revival of forgotten traditions and stylization of national clothes to a new way.

We give people an opportunity to realize us as modern generation, posterity of nation with ancient culture. We admire traditions and symbols of other nations, so with pleasure, with considering symbols of all nations.

Our advantages

  • All our products are 100% linen
  • We use threads for embroidery only the best European manufacturers
  • We can recreate on your clothes your ornament, in which you can attach your symbolic meaning

Modern vyshyvanka


For us, Ukrainians, Vyshyvanka (embroidered clothes) – is not just clothes

It is something special: personal, native, saint. Vyshyvanka - as symbol, which saves it’s roots, identity, self-understanding. That is our history: mythology, religion, ancient art of our ancestors, soul of our nation.

Our principles

  • Buying our clothes, you will forever remain a member of the great family of the design-studio "Voloshka"
  • Each thing we make with love, putting light thoughts, so clothes, which you wear, will bring you pleasure and happiness, becoming kind of way self-expression and add self-confidence in yourself!